Cisco ASA 5505 – IPS Software version/upgrade

Problem Description:
You have ASA-SSC-AIP-5 module running version 6.2.2 E4 and would like to know the latest version for the same.
Resolution Summary:
The IPS-SSC_5-K9-6.2-4-E4.pkg can only be used to upgrade AIP SSC5 sensors
You can download the image from the following link.
You can also refer to the following link for more information on release 6.2.4 E4
NOTE: This service pack requires an automatic reboot of the sensor to apply the changes. Inline network traffic will be disrupted during the reboot.
To install the 6.2(4) E4 service pack using the CLI, follow these steps:
1. Download the file IPS-SSC_5-K9-6.2-4-E4.pkg to a local server.
Note: The AIM, NME, and SSC-5 devices require their own platform-specific package as listed above.
2. Log in to the CLI using an account with administrator privileges.
3. Type the following command to enter configuration mode:
configure terminal
4. Type the following command to upgrade the sensor:
sensor(config)# upgrade [URL]/ IPS-SSC_5-K9-6.2-4-E4.pkg
where the [URL] is a uniform resource locator pointing to where the package is located. For example, to retrieve the update via SCP, type the following:
sensor(config)# upgrade scp://@///
The available transport methods are SCP, FTP, HTTP, or HTTPS.
5. Enter the appropriate password when prompted.
6. To complete the upgrade, type yes when prompted.
7. The sensor reboots to finish applying the changes.
To determine whether the 6.2(4)E4 service pack has successfully been installed on a sensor, log in to the CLI and type ’show version’ at the command prompt. The sensor will report the version as 6.2(4)E4, and the Upgrade History should include IPS-SSC_5-K9-6.2-4-E4.pkg.
To upgrade the Sensor form IDM use the following steps:
1. Download the file to the local machine.
2. Login to the IDM.
3. Go to Configuration >>> Sensor Management >>>> Update Sensor.
4. Click on Update is located on this client.
Browse the file path.
Once done then click on Update
Screen shot for the same has been attached:

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